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TYPEATRIBE.comThe World's Premiere Community for Type A People

"Wow, a community that celebrates being a Type A!–Julie Anderson, CEO


How Can You Tell If You Are A Type A Personality?

–Are you determined, ambitious and self-motivated?

–Are you competitive with yourself and others?

–Do you have a strong sense of time urgency?

–Are you proactive and tenacious?

–Do you find it difficult to "turn-off" work even when at home?

–Are you prone to being a workaholic?

IF YOU ANSWERED YES to some or all of these questions, welcome to the TYPE A TRIBE!

As a bona-fide member of the TYPE A TRIBE myself, I have been battle-hardened by over 25 years of experience in the executive trenches. Since 1999, I have been an executive coach to Type A titans and my own history includes a "Type A" wake-up call that led me to learn how to self-regulate my own Type A tendencies to prevent the kind of "collateral damage" that can occur when you have this hard-driving personality type. 

"TYPE A" People Tend to Rise to the Top– As a Type A person, you tend to rise to the top ranks in business, medicine, education, sports, politics and entertainment. You have qualities that can lead to major contributions to your communities. You also have qualities that can cause "collateral damage" to yourself and others and that can put you at risk for stress-related health problems. 

ABOUT TYPE A TOP TALENT (Is this you? Join our LInkedIn Type A Top Talent community)
"Type A Top Talent occupies the upper ranks in business, medicine, education, sports, politics and entertainment. They are entrepreneurs, business owners, CXOs (Chief Operating Officers, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, C-Suite Executives), Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Executive Directors, Board of Directors, University Provosts and Deans, Consultants, Engineers, Scientists, Doctors, Lawyers, Financiers, Venture Capitalists, Investors, Professors, Athletes, Writers, Artists, Performers, Entertainers, Politicians, Civic and Community Leaders.

Reach Your Highest Potential, without Collateral Damage–Our Type A Tribe community is dedicated to helping you reach your highest potential without collateral damage. While the low stress, happy-go-lucky personality of the Type B individual may sound appealing to Type A individuals, the truth is that very few Type A individuals are happy trying to act like Type B personalities. Being content with the status quo is just not in our nature. 

Hardwired to Achieve–We Type A individuals are hardwired to achieve. We love the challenge and derive great satisfaction from being our best and achieving and contributing at our best. Our drive to achieve is a core component of our being. 

Be All that You Can Be, without the Stress–Our goal with the Type A Tribe community is to help you, as a Type A person, achieve and contribute at your highest level without experiencing the stress and unintended negative effects that can come with being a Type A person.

Welcome to our community and our Tribe, where we are committed to making Type A thrive! 

Kay Cannon

Chief Visionary & Leader of the Type A Tribe

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